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Breakthrough Microneedle Technology to heal and brighten your skin

From zit patches to dark circle care, Clover brings you easy, quick and proven solutions that let you go about your day confidently.


How it works

illustration of lady pointing to a zit on her face

Peel and Stick

See a zit emerging? Cover it up with a Clover Dot!

illustration of lady sleeping with clover's zit patch on her face

Leave On

Leave on overnight or wear through the day. Don’t worry, they are transparent and barely visible on.

illustration of lady riding a bike

Wake Up Zit Free

Go on about your day and let the microdarts do their thing!

lady on green background using clover's multiple zit defence
abstract yellow illustration

I don’t get enough sleep because of my toddler so I always need some sort of quick eye treatment before starting my day. Perfectly sized and well-priced, these patches make me look well rested even when I am not.

- Sarah S.
abstract pink illustration