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Clover Dot - Single Zit Defense

8 Pack $29.00

Tackle those early stage zits - No more scars, redness or puss. The microdarts on the Dot gently penetrate the outer layer of the skin to deliver active ingredients to the core of your zit.

Key Ingredients +

Lactobacillus Ferment makes the skin less prone to future breakouts. It is good bacteria that aids sensitive skin by balancing its pH. Tea tree oil in patch and wipe acts as an anti-septic that reduces inflammation and redness. Licorice root extract with its lightening properties combats post acne dark spots.

Instructions +

Clean area around zit with a cleansing wipe before applying patch and leave on for 2 hours or more. Transparent, near invisible patch which can be worn day or night.

witch hazel icon tea tree oil icon salicyclic acid icon hyaluronic acid icon
lady checking her face for zit

“I am a pimple popper! Not only did the clover dots help clear small zits overnight, I also wore them during the day when I felt a zit emerging. Totally transparent, they kept me from touching the area and making it worse!”

- Clara H.


clover multiple zit removal pack

Multiple Zit Defense


Large Coverage Patch - Tackle large surface areas and fight multiple zits at a time

clover brighten up dark circle defence pack

Brighten Up Dark Circle Defense


Reduces under-eye dullness, puffiness and darkness