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Multiple Zit Defense

Trial Pack $25.00

When the Clover Dots just won’t do, try our larger acne patch – made to attack larger surface areas and multiple zits at a time.

Key Ingredients +

Lactobacillus Ferment makes the skin less prone to future breakouts. It is good bacteria that aids sensitive skin by balancing its pH. Tea tree oil in patch acts as an anti-septic that reduces inflammation and redness. Licorice root extract with its lightening properties combats post acne dark spots.

Instructions +
  • Clean affected area before applying the patch
  • Leave on for 2 hours or more. For best results, leave on through the night
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happy lady and guy with clover's multiple zit removal patch on their faces

“I had fallen in love with the Dots, but as someone with moderate acne it would take me a while to put a bunch of the individual dots on before bed. This large patch has made my life much easier! Also these don't over dry my skin like a lot of other acne products. Now they need to come out with a full face version.”

- Lucas G.


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